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100 things about me

1. I love to watch crappy movies
2. I can't seem to get over my addiction for certain people
3. I am always afraid I will end up alone
4. I don't drink alcohol because I'm afraid of what I might do.
5. I am addicted to hot pockets
6. I cry when I'm upset at myself
7. I love classic literature
8. I don't have a religion
9. I have a problem of watching the same movie over and over again.
10. I think I've put work before school for fear of the unknown when I graduate.
11. I love rps's though I never have time to play them
12. I feel most comfortable around a small group of people I know
13. I hate not having all the freetime my friends have.
14. I love to write (but its not always good).
15. I wonder what life would be like if i wasnt here
16. I like compliments
17. I hate guys who mistreat girls
18. I hade girls who put up with guys who treat them wrong
19. I am incapable of dancing
20. I like being the D.D. so I can remember all the fun from the night before
21. I fear swimming in the ocean
22. I like to go to the beach with friends
23. I hate how I don't do my job to my best ability
24. I love to learn and don't enjoy being out of school for long periods of time
25. I am always afraid that something bad will happen and I won't get to say goodbye to the people I care about.
26. I don't like coffee
27. I don't like being around people who don't think
28. I wish I was more outgoing
29. I hate how my fear of things holds me back
30. I miss hanging out with my brother and his friends
31. I tend to over think things thru
32. I tend to think that I remind myself of Peter Parker.
33. I like to make people laugh at stupid stuff
34. I think because fo the kids I have seen I don't want children
35. I tend to wish I could read minds of people so I dont have to interpert peoples intentions
36. I want to travel to Alaska
37. I take a while to make friends with people
38. I spend 90% of my life finding excuses on why I shouldnt live my life
39. I can see thru most people's lies
40. I like to quote movies too much
41. I cant live without my computer
42. I want to spend more time outdoors
43. I listen to music that fits my mood
44. I don't like chocolate
45. I like to create scrapbooks with things people give me or things I do with people
46. ...and reread them often
47. I hate how I never get to go out
48. I hate my room when its messy
49. I like to read other people's blogs
50. I like to write when I'm upset
51. I hate people who are in a hurry
52. I like to enjoy the scenery on a detour
53. I don't think anybody likes me for me
54. I love photography but suck at it
55. I like people who challenge my thinking
56. I like people who are spontaneous
57. I get into a routine easily
58. I like to read anywhere
59. I also like to go to the bookstore
60. I like to read the book over seeing the movie
61. I am afraid to be touched by people in an open area
62. I have a problem sitting next to people at the movies
63. I hate the antisipation on the first hill of a roller coaster
64. I wish I weighed 185.
65. I wonder why I fear rejection
66. I let people take advatage of me at my jobs
67. I love to watch animated movies
68. I have a big fear of needles
69. I want to get a tattoo one day but i dont know what of
70. I hate how I waste my potential
71. I don't like letting other people pay
72. I don't like being indebted to anyone
73. I trust some girls too quickly and it always backfires
74. I spend too much money when I go out
75. I fear change Im not ready for
76. I am scared of the decission on where I should move too.
77. I tend to fall for people based on them as a person not how they look
78. I like to be creative
79. I have never dated anyone
80. I am addicted to my video games
81. I prefer games with a good story and playability over graphics
82. I want to learn to play the Bass
83. I dress in t-shirts though I like to wear nice dress clothes
84. I have trouble letting things and people go
85. I would like to be a writter though i dont think im good enough to do it for a living
86. I like trying to figure people out
87. I like giving out advise to people
88. I tend to give good advise out but have horrible advice for myself
89. I like to make people smile
90. I like to think I enjoy being single
91. I will watch tv while listening to music
92. I dont like the telephone
93. I would love to have the ability to say the things I want to say
94. I love classical music
95. I fear having days off without having a plan of what to do on it
96. I am addicted to 24 (the tv series)
97. I don't like to rely on anyone
98. I fear commitment
99. I cant decide what movie to watch
100. I love to dress up for Halloween

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