luvmegabytes (luvmegabytes) wrote,

A few of my writtings

This is a few of my writings that I found while looking through my computer of things to delete. Leave me some thoughts on what you think.

What it is like to be me

Imagine you are standing in a crowded room with it so silent that you could
hear a pin drop
Now with that in mind start screaming at the top of your lungs and picture no one even turning to look and see who is making that noise
or even caring that this person is alive
that is what it is like to be me
opinions ignored and experience ignored
just me in a crowded room with everyone failing to notice the scared person
siting in the corner watching life pass by because he has a fear of being
noticed and of the unknown.

Dream a Dream....

Today I had a dream
It was one that had you in it
It told a tale of decadence
An adventure into the subconscious desires
I often wondered of dreams
Were they a view of the future
or perhaps a just desire of our hearts
So on this day I had a dream of you
It may not come true
Yet I think a dream unexplored is a waste of thought
So this was my way to dream a dream
A way to say I care for you.

A Dance for One

A dance for one
A song for the lonely
Many come for fun
Some for love
I came for a friend
Only to learn
That some had other plans for me
So off I stand waiting for my chance
I thought it would be a step to a date
Instead it was a step off a cliff into a pit
That I had just climbed out of
Or so I had thought
It was the first time I thought someone liked me for me
The truth would cause a pain I had forgotten
It was if the cloud I was floating on had just disappeared
Once again I have reached a point I hoped was gone for good
Yet my old insecurities have come back
So this song is for me
A dance for me.


Why did I think it would be different?
That no matter how I treated you
I will always be the friend
When you asked me I thought you were different
Yet you hide things as well as I do
When I first saw you that fateful night
I was shocked at how nice you looked
Why would you choose me?
I found out later why you did?
I felt my heart stop
How could this happen?
You told me you were different
Yet I see that all I have known was true
It felt like I was at the top of a pedestal
Then in the blink of an eye
It was if that pedestal was gone
But then again I set my self up for it
Then why did I think you would be different.

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