luvmegabytes (luvmegabytes) wrote,

I wanna tell you all the things i love about you...not like. I love how you dont care what people think, i love how you get me out of my comfort zone, i love how you ised to hug me everytime before i would leave...still to this day i love your hugs though they are far less frequent. Im bothered by the choice in guys you have they all seem the same. No car, no license, no isurance, some no jobs, they all just see how beautiful you are and they just want you. I mean you probably tell them all these things you wont tell me. I look at you all time and just see beauty and all i want in my life and what i want my life to be and become. God i just want hug the hell out of you and kiss you all over. I want to marry you and show you off to all the world and be like this who i love and who i will spend the rest of my life with and raise a family with. Ohhh the joys of living in my head.

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    I always get my answer...though it ks difficult to hear and understand. I know you never would give me a chance...and that hurts me sooo much all the…

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